Grand Isle Online

Fishing Rodeo

1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes to be awarded for each category of fish.


for each category of fish and Overall Winner.

Fishing dates:
June 1 – October 1


Speckled Trout

1. Dustin DeBenedetta Creole Classic 5.20
2. Erick Mayo Creole Classic 4.02
3. Ben Williams Blue Boot 3.10

Bull Red

1. Kevin Terrebonne, Jr. Blue Boot 31.55
2. Kevin Terrebonne, Jr. Blue Boot 28.20
3. Michael White Creole Classic 24.07

Rat Red

1. Doug Melancon Blue Boot 9.15
2. Kevin Terrebonne, Jr. Creole Classic 8.70
3. Kevin Terrebonne, Jr. Blue Boot 7.65


1. T. J. Rockenschuh Blue Boot 3.25

Black Drum

1. Michael White Creole Classic 28.8
2. Brandy Thibodeaux Creole Classic 22.44
3. Brandy Thibodeaux Creole Classic 16.37


1. Kevin Terrebonne, Jr. Creole Classic 2.65


Overall winner
$ 400.00


= $ 125


= $ 75


= $ 50

You can win even if you don’t weigh a fish in. Learn More »

GI Online Fishing Rodeo is Back!

We have raised the level of awards for this year and hope you will be able to participate in more rodeos. Fishing dates are June 1st – November 1st, 2021. When you purchase a ticket for the online rodeo you will be entered in a drawing for $ 100.00  at one of the six rodeos we have left this year. The drawing will be conducted during each of these rodeos and will be posted on Facebook live.  You don’t have to weigh in a fish and you don’t even have to fish to have a chance to win for this drawing each month.

To qualify for the leaderboard for the online rodeo you have to participate and weigh in your fish at one or all of the eight rodeos listed on our website. Hope to see your name on the leaderboard.