Official Rules

Registration Options

  1. Complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION form.
  2. Download the form online and mail the form with your entry fee to us.
  3. Send us an email at and we will mail you a form to be filled out and returned to us. If mailing the form send it to: GI Online Fishing Rodeo, 539 Courtney Drive, Brusly, LA 70719.

Your registration number or ID # will be the last four numbers of your phone number. This number along with your GI Online Fishing Rodeo proof of purchase on PayPal will allow the GIOFR to enter your fish on our weigh in books and leaderboard. We will check your entry against the weigh master’s sheet for each rodeo to finalize your entry.    Weight is determined by each individual rodeo's weigh master.  If weights are reported in pounds and ounces the weight will be converted to hundreds of a pound.

Entry fee is $40. You can weigh in as many fish as you want during one or all of the rodeos. You have to enter one or more of the following fishing rodeos in GI first.  Weigh your fish in with the weigh master at one of these GI fishing rodeos.  Rodeo is open to all ages and genders.

  • May 26-28 – Bloody Decks Rodeo, Wake Side Marina
  • June 7 - 10 – Swollfest, Grand Isle Marina
  • June 22-24 – Creole Classic Fishing Rodeo, Bridge Side Marina
  • July 6 - 8 – Blue Boot Rodeo, Grand Isle Marina
  • July 13, 14, 15 - Cut Off Fishing Club Rodeo, Bridge Side Marina.
  • August 4 - 5 – Dufrene’s Rodeo, Bridge Side Marina
  • August 25 - 26 – Ride the Bull Kayak Fishing Rodeo, Bridge Side Marina
  • September 1 - 2 – Grand Isle Redfish Rodeo, Bridge Side Marina
  • September 22 - 24 – Caminada Redfish Rodeo, Grand Isle Marina

The GI Online Fishing Rodeo is open to all ages.  Only restriction is if one or all of the fishing rodeos has an age limit on them.

The official rules for each rodeo will be used for the GI Online Fishing Rodeo.  We will also use the rules and regulations of the LA Wildlife & Fisheries.

We will have a representative present at each of the rodeos to record your catch.  It is your responsibility to notify the GIOFR representative that you are weighing in fish at each rodeo. You will provide us proof of your entry in the GIOFR and we will upload your information to our website for you at these rodeos. You do not have to place on the leader board at any of these rodeos. You also have to purchase a ticket for one or all of the rodeos.  Next year you will have to send a text to us the day before each rodeo that you will be fishing in the individual rodeo.  That way we will know to be on the lookout for you when you weigh in with the weigh master.

Kayak category if you want to weigh in a fish in a different category that isn't listed in the Kayak category you have to purchase a second ticket.

If you fish one of the local rodeos and decide you want to enter the GI Online Fishing Rodeo your registration has to be time stamped before the time the weigh station closes for that rodeo. PayPal assigns a time stamp and if you are signing up with a purchase ticket at the rodeo with one of our staff member we will time stamp it.

If you catch a fish that you would like to be weighed in at a local rodeo and that rodeo does not have that fish on their leaderboard. We will try and get the weigh master to weigh the fish in but this depends on the weigh master at each rodeo.  If the weigh master agrees to weigh in your fish that isn't on their leaderboard you have to contact a member of the GIOFR to witness your weigh in and get written proof of your weigh in.

Overall winners for each rodeo will be determined by the fish that are weighed by a participant of the GI Online Fishing Rodeo for that individual rodeo not the ongoing leaderboard for the GI Online Fishing Rodeo.  You could win $ 100 for each of the individual rodeos.

In 2024 rodeo season we will add this rule:  One ticket, One fish per category per day per rodeo.

Inshore categories of fish that can be weighed in for the GI Online Fishing Rodeo:

  • Speckled trout
  • Bull Red Fish
  • Rat Red Fish
  • Sheepshead
  • Black Drum
  • Flounder

Kayak Division

  • Rat Red

Redfish will be measured by Total Length. Total length is the longest a fish can be made by pinching the tail.

Offshore categories of fish that can be weighed in for the GI Online Fishing Rodeo:

  • Tuna
  • Red Snapper
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Cobia
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Grouper

Prizes to be awarded:

Overall Inshore Winner
$ 400.00

1st   = $ 125
2nd = $ 75
3rd  = $ 50

Overall Offshore Winner
$ 400.00

1st   = $ 125
2nd = $ 75
3rd  = $ 50

The overall winner will be determined by the angler with the most points, with a tie being broken by most weight on the final leaderboard. If two fish are weighed in at the same weight the same weight the fish weighed in first will take the higher place on the leaderboard. All 1st place winners receive 3 points. 2nd place winners receive 2 points. 3rd place winners receive 1 point.

Prizes for each category will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd.